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Residential Title 24 Energy Calculation

CF-1R Certificate

We develop Title 24 Energy Compliance Reports for Residential building projects in California, single and multi family. Our proposed solutions balance construction costs, energy efficiency and residents comfort. Close communication, consultation and advice are integral parts of our service.
After receiving your project information, we will send back a follow up email. Reports are delivered in 1 - 2 business days. Payment is due after you approve our T24 Draft.

Our Title 24 Energy Code compliance service includes:

Building cross-section for Title 24 Energy
  • Title-24 CF1R Compliance Report in PDF file, in 8.5x11 and 24x36 sizes.

  • HVAC Heating and Cooling Loads Summary

  • HERS registration, if required, in CalCERTS or CHEERS.

  • Solar panel orientation and area size, if required by code.

  • Report revisions per plan check corrections.

* Report modifications, after its delivery, due to plan changes are subject to an additional fee.

Required information to successfully process your order:

Complete and accurate information is key to develop a Certificate of Compliance that will go smoothly through the approval process. With your order, please, send your project plans with the following information:

  • Address, including city and zip code

  • Scope of work – New, remodel addition, addition, ADU 

  • Floor plan(s) – Existing and Proposed, with windows and door dimensions

  • Elevations and sections

  • Heating, cooling and water heater equipment type

PDF format is preferable; DWG and DXF are accepted.

Our commitment is to get approved the T24 energy report for your residential project

Title 24 Sample Reports

The Certificate of Compliance (CF-1R) serves as official documentation that a project design adheres to energy efficiency standards. Typically, it accompanies building plans during the submission process. As experts in California projects, we specialize in creating Title 24 compliance reports.

Feel free to explore our Title 24 samples to get a better understanding of our work!

Res. T24 Report

8.5" x 11" Sample

Res. T24 Report

24" x 36" Sample

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